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About your stay at Austin's Eastside Flats -
Michelle's Hip Guest Suite

Thank you for booking your stay with us at Austin's Eastside Flats.  

Below you'll find helpful information regarding your stay in our Michelle's Hip Guest Suite.

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Arrival & Check-In

Arrival & Check-In

Michelle's Hip ATX Guest Suite is located in the home at 1612 Maple Ave,  Austin, TX 78702, and can be accessed by the driveway and gate on 17th St. 

The driveway is available for parking, please be mindful of the garage door and gate. Even though the garage door will not be operational, please be sure to not hit it with your vehicle.  There is also plenty of free street parking on 17th street.

Check-in begins: 3:00pm 

(We will try to accommodate an earlier check-in; however, cleaning a home this size takes time and our cleaners wash all linens and do a thorough cleaning job between guests) ​

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  • The entry door and gate codes will be sent to you via the Airbnb/VRBO app, text or email, as early as one day prior to check-in.


  • Please inspect our home upon your arrival to make sure it meets your expectations. If anything needs attention please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to address any issues as soon as possible.

  • If you have any questions please contact me, Ryan, via the Airbnb messaging service, VRBO messaging service, phone, or text, 512-574-4344.  

Gate Entry

For your security and the security of the property the entry gate has a code lock. You'll receive a code via your Airbnb or VRBO message service along with other check-in info the day before or the day of check-in. 


To unlock:

  1. Press the “C” Button (to clear)

  2. Enter your 4-6 digit code

  3. Turn the knob to the right

  4. Enter the property

  • The “C” Button will also clear any mistyped code. To retry press “C” and re-enter the code


To lock: 

  1. Simply close the gate, it will lock on it’s own


Smartlock Keypad Door Entry

The main door for the guest suite has the keypad entry system. You'll receive your code in an email or message via our booking app the day of your arrival. For your safety we change our code with each guest.


To unlock:

  1. Enter your personal entry code on the keypad

  2. Press the red August button

  3. The keypad light will pulse and then flash when the lock operation has been completed.


To lock:

​     -From the inside:

  1. Turn deadbolt knob

     -From the outside:

    1. Press the August button on the keypad.

House Rules

House Guidelines

-Smoking or vaping in our home or near the entrances to our home is not permitted. Also, smoking in the backyard is prohibited due to ashes burning/melting the turf. Smoking and vaping while outside in areas like the driveway or sidewalk are fine, but please discard cigarette butts in the trash.

-Not suitable for pets. Our friends and family often stay here and some of them are allergic to our furry friends.  There is a $300 pet cleaning charge plus damages if pets are found to be at our home.


-Quiet time begins at 10pm. We have wonderful neighbors, and so far they still like us. Please respect them by settling down outside activity by 10pm. Our neighbors next to us have small children and would appreciate the 10pm quiet time.. After 10pm we ask that you observe quiet time. You can hang outside in the backyard after 10pm,, but please refrain from playing loud music, excessively loud talking, yelling or anything else that might disturb our neighbors after 10pm.


-Overnight guest maximum is 2 guests. Our linens, towels, pricing structure and cleaning fees are all calculated for a maximum of 2 guests. If you exceed this amount you are in violation of the house rules and are subject to additional fees and/or loss of deposit.


-No parties (large gatherings), excessive noise, or any illegal activity are permitted at the property, again, so far our neighbors still like us.


-The Homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Homeowner is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the Guest(s). By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.


-Keep the property and all furnishings in good order. If anything is broken or needs attention please let me know. -


Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate.


-The fire extinguisher is located on the wall in the sitting area. Please don’t set our house on fire, but if you do, use the fire extinguisher and call 911, then call me.


**** As stated in our Airbnb and VRBO listing: This guest suite is attached to the main home which may or may not be occupied while the guest suite is booked. The spaces are separated by a key locked door and acoustic blocking curtains. The guest suite and main home do not share any space. The guest suite has its own private entrance, private bathroom, private bedroom, private sitting area and dedicated outdoor space.

Disclosure: For your safety and the security of our property we have exterior security cameras covering the entrances to our home. These are exterior cameras that only view and record the outside of the home. There are no surveillance video or recording devices inside the guest use areas of the home. Tampering with any of these cameras would violate our house rules and would result in your stay being terminated.

During Your Stay

During Your Stay

How stuff works in Michelle's Hip ATX Guest Suite

Operating the Air Conditioner

The guest suite has a combination of central air conditioning and a mini split system. You’ll have complete control over the temperature settings for the mini-split and we are currently working on a solution to offer more control for the central air conditioning system. Currently it will be set at 71 degrees and if you prefer a different temperature let Ryan, your host, know and I’ll be able to adjust remotely. 


How to operate the mini-split air conditioner in the living space:


-Use the remote control (mounted by the hallway door, in the living space) and point it at the AC on the wall above the canvas art piece. 


-Use the “ON/OFF” button to turn on and off the unit.


-Use the “MODE” button to scroll through heat or cool. The “Snowflake” will indicate you are using the cooling mode and you can set the desired temperature using the “TEMP” up and down button. To turn on the heat press the “MODE” button until the “Sun” icon is displayed, then set desired temperature with the “TEMP” button.

Operating the Sitting Room TV

The Smart TV utilizes a standard smart tv interface, we have over the air channels and apps. Feel free to log on and off any app if you have an account or if we logged in you can use our account (Netflix is usually logged in).


Operating the Outdoor TV

First remove the outdoor shell and place the cover on the ground under the tv, leaning the shell on the house. *** The TV is not weather/waterproof so in the case of precipitation place the tv remote back in the tv case and replace the shell cover. The Smart TV utilizes a standard smart tv  interface. Feel free to log on and off any app if you have an account or if we logged in you can use our account (Netflix is usually logged in).

Trash & Recycling

Please place your trash in the trash cans located in the unit.  For glass, aluminum cans, plastic and paper feel free to place them in the blue recycling bin. If your trash gets full you may empty the trash into the larger trash cans in the fenced area to the right of the entry gate. 

Getting Around

Parking, Catching Rides and Getting Around

The driveway is available for parking, please be mindful of the garage door and gate. Even though the garage door will not be operatinal please be sure to give yourself some space so as not to hit it with a vehicle.  There is also plenty of free street parking on 17th street.

You can also walk to cool places like The Wheel and Austin Daily Press just up MLK Blvd, or walk a few more blocks to Manor Rd for more great options

The MetroRail station is a few blocks due east of our guesthouse and there are bus stops on MLK  Jr Blvd and Chestnut Ave just a block away. 

Use the CapMetro app or to get bus and train schedules. 

Ridesharing Apps for Austin:

Search for the following Apps in the Apple App Store/Google Play or click the links below to get the apps.



Our Guidebook

Our Guidebook

Sixth Street, Barton Springs, Townlake, University of Texas at Austin, The State Capitol, and Circuit of the Americas are all great places to visit in Austin however be sure to take advantage of our neighborhood bars, restaurants and points of interest.

Check out our Guidebook

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More Info

More info

Here you'll find listings for other services in our area.

Apps and Links

Favor             - food delivery app

UberEats      - food delivery app

CapMetro    - bus & train info

Austin 360  - info for live events



Checkout is at 11:00am.

Close and lock all doors and windows when you go out and upon checkout. Turn off all lights, air conditioners and ceiling fans at checkout.

No need to make the bed upon check out, but if you'd like to help out our cleaner, please strip the sheets, blankets and pillowcases from the beds and pile them on the floor. 

Please pile all used towels on the bathroom floor.

Please place any dirty dishes/glassware/utensils in the bathroom sink.

Let us know once you check out so we can notify our cleaner.

The Guest Suite will be inspected and cleaned after your departure.

Thank you so much for staying with us!

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